9 Best Tips For Fishing With Hemp

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about hemp so that made me wonder if I could use hemp for bait and how effective would hemp bait be for fishing?

Fish just love hemp seeds.

Fishing with hemp is an excellent idea it seems.

Should I Use Hemp seeds for fishing?

Hemp seeds are one of the best for bait and also easily prepared.

There are different brands selling hemp seeds prepared to use as bait.

You can also prepare hemp bait yourself and give a bit of an extra flavor (Secret Sauce) to it.

The seeds can even boost the attraction given off by the hemp seeds, the result is that the fish will bite sooner than they normally would when using “normal” bait. 

How To Make Hemp Seed Bait The Right Way

You can prepare the hemp seeds for fishing in different ways.

When buying hemp seeds specially made as fish bait, you rarely have to do anything regarding the preparation.  

Still, a lot of fishers who are using hemp seeds as bait, add some extra “secret” sauce to it to boost the attraction.

There are different ways to do this. Here are some examples you can use:

  • Using the juice of the hemp seeds
    • Many people throw away the juice of the hemp seeds when they take the seeds out of the can, or when cooked, they throw away the oil…. Don’t do this! The reason is that it releases all the rich sugars and oil from the seeds throughout the cooking process. This juice is an awesome addition to ground bait and stick mixes and is excellent when used to rehydrate and wash out boilies. It adds complex dimensions and stronger food signals to any bait or mix.
  • Hemp oil works best in both cold and warm water. You can add the oil to, for example, spod mixes, to create a dispersing slick. You can also add the oil to stick mixes and ground bait to tempt fish down to your hooked bait from mid-water. Besides tempting fish down to your hooked bait you can also use the oil to increase the hooks bait visibility by giving your floaters a liberal coating.

Do You Want To Give A Boost To Your Bait?

Using the “Simple” method for your fishing baits:

  1. Put the number of hemp seeds you need in a saucepan and cover it with water
  2. Bring the water to boil and simmer it gently
  3. Bonus tip: Add some Soda or Bicarbonate to darken the seeds even more. This will be a smelly (old socks smell) process so it’s recommended to open as many windows as possible.
  4. Keep a close eye on the seeds, once the seeds are splitting and you see the white kernel inside, the seeds are cooked. Drain and leave the seeds too cool down.
  5. When the seeds cooled down, you should store them in an airtight container. 
  6. You can freeze the hemp seeds so you can use them for another time

Using the “Chili” fishing hemp secret sauce: 

  1. In the preparation stage, you can add dried chili flakes to the hemp seeds before adding water. Add a full teaspoon for every kilo of hemp seeds. When done, add the water and let it soak for 12–24 hours.
  2. After 12–24 hours bring the water where the seeds are soaked in to boil. Keep a proper watch over the seeds, when you notice the seeds begin to split, drain off the water and use the seeds as soon as possible.
  3. It’s recommended preparing the seeds one day before you plan to go fishing.

Using the “Black Pepper” fishing hemp secret sauce:

  1. Prepare the hemp seeds again by boiling them in water until the seeds begin to split and you can see their white insides. Normally this would take around 40–45 minutes.
  2. Once the seeds are split, drain off the water and put the seeds in a large bucket. Quickly add 24 drops of “Black Pepper Essential Oil” and 12 drops of “N-Butyric acid”.
  3. After adding the secret ingredients, seal it and shake it super well so that each seed receives a coating of the two attractors.
  4. Once the seeds cooled down, you can use it or store it until you go fishing with your newly made secret hemp bait.   

Using the “Hemp Oil” secret sauce (you need unrefined hemp oil):

  1. Soak the hemp seeds in water for 24 hours.
  2. After 24 hours put the seeds in a large pan with plenty of water (at least 4 times the volume of the hemp seeds)
  3. Stir the seeds occasionally while the seeds are boiling
  4. Boil rapidly for 10 minutes until the first seeds split
  5. Turn down the gas and let it simmer until most of the seeds have split
  6. When most of the seeds split, drain the water and rinse the cooked hemp seeds with cold water to stop the cooking process
  7. Add a few cups of unrefined hemp oil to the (by now) cooled down hemp. This will replace the natural oils lost during the cooking process and enhance the final hemp seed bait.

How To Make ground bait/stick mix with hemp

Making one of the best fishing baits or stick mix is easier than you might think. And since you already have prepared your super hemp bait, you can easily turn it into ground bait or stick mix.

Ingredients you need:

  • prepared hemp seeds
  • crushed hemp seeds
  • fine bread crumbs
  • oils or liquids (depending on if you want to make ground bait of stick mix)

After gathering the ingredients you just mix them all together and then the liquids or oils.

The irresistible ground bait recipe:

There is another way to make an irresistible fishing bait that the fish would just love. With this bait, you will almost have a couple of guaranteed bites when you go fishing. This is what you need to make the ground bait:

  • 30ml Hemp Seed Water (from the hemp you prepared earlier)
  • 70g Pop Up Mix (my preference is FeedStimulants milk protein-based pop-up mix)
  • Hemp Pop-Ups
  • 12g Whole Egg Powder
  • 10g Hemp Protein Powder
  • 10ml Bait Preservative
  • 20g Crushed Hemp Seed
  • 10ml Hemp Oil 
  • 5g Egg Albumin

If you fancy changing the recipe for a bit, you could replace 5 Gr. Of the hemp protein powder with 5 Gr. chili powder or maybe 1 Gr. Of the hemp protein powder with 1 Gr. garlic powder.

All you have to do now is mixing all the dry ingredients together and put them to one side.

Now, mix all the wet ingredients together. After we mix everything, add your dry ingredients bit by bit to your wet mix, stirring it until you can’t stir it anymore.

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix by hand until you have a nice round dough ball.

When you have a nice round dough ball break it up in multiple small dough balls by rolling them in the palm of your hand. 

After the small dough balls are made, prepare water with boiling water and put the small dough ball in there for 60–90 seconds.

Take the balls out after 60–90 seconds and let the air dry them for 5–7 days, that’s it, your ready to go fishing!

If you place the dough balls in an airtight environment, they should last for 8 to 12 months. 

When the hemp bait is getting too old, you will smell an acidic vinegar smell. When you smell this, then throw away the bait, it’s too old to use.

** Source: https://www.haiths.com/haiths-baits/how-to-prepare-fishing-hemp/

How To Hook Hemp Bait

There are a couple of ways you could use hemp bait on your hook. What you want to do is present a delicate presentation to the fish you are trying to catch, which means the bait should act as naturally as possible. To achieve this, use a 0.10mm mainline to a 0.08mm hook link.

To attach the hemp seed on the hook there are basically two ways:

  1. Attach the seed the same as how you would do when attaching a maggot meaning punching a hole in the back of the seed and then hook it. Using this method you could catch lots of fish on the same grain.
  2. Push the hook into the slit of the grain then moving it around so it locks into place but pulls through on the strike. You should choose a grain with a small split for this method to work.

Feeding The Fish Hemp While Fishing

When you start your fishing session, it’s recommended throwing lots of hemp seeds in the water around the line from where you are planning to fish.

This helps enormously to draw the fish in. Then for the first hour or two when you are building up your swim, it’s recommended throwing every couple of minutes two bags of 20–25 seeds into the water.

Just before you fish in the area where you were feeding the fish you throw less hemp in the water. One bag of 15–20 grains is enough.

When following this method it will create competition among the fish and will cause a positive bite that should be much easier to hit!

Happy Fishing!


If you are fishing in shallow water, your rig should be super light. You could use a 0.1g Sensas Basey, shotted with strung tiny No12 shot across the bottom half of the rig.

This results in a slow fall of the hemp in the water, allows the fish to notice the hemp, following it down and take it.

Lines are equally light, with 0.12mm mainline and a 0.09mm hook-link and a size 19 Hayabusa 128 wide gape hook. Elastic is a solid No4.

A light elastic is important, as it will prevent hooked fish from being pulled up in the water to splash on the surface, which can spook other fishes.

Hooks, lines, and fishing rods to use

The hooks you’ll need depends on the fish you are fishing for.

Always keep in mind that a hook (and line) that are too big will make the bait act unnaturally when in the water.

The more unnatural your bait will act, the smaller the chances are you will have a good hit. 

Here are some recommendations that you can use for several kinds of fish:

LineHook SizeFishing Rod
Big Roach3–4lb16–2019–21 ft pole
Barbel6lb, 7lb or 8lb Pro Float Line1211–12 ft pole
Chub6lb810–12 ft pole
CarpBraided 15–17lb412–13 ft pole
Catfish14–20+ lb Monofilament2, 4, 6, 8 (Depending on the size of the bait)7–9 ft pole
Bluegill2–4lb Monofilament6, 8, 12 (Depending on the size of the bait)12–20 ft pole
Bass8lb Monofilament4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 and 6/07–8 ft pole
Tilapia8lb Monofilament65–7 ft pole

What Is The Optimal Depth When Fishing With Hemp Bait?

It could be difficult to figure out on what depth the fishes are. The best way to find out is following these steps:

  1. Let the bait fall down to the bottom in the river lake or where ever you are fishing. 
  2. Drag it a little or short hop the line a bit.
  3. Keep a close eye and try to feel if the fish bite
  4. If the fish don’t bite, pull the bait up to the surface and see if the fish bite the bait. 
  5. When you see that the fish eat the bait you could keep it on the same depth. If the bait is untouched, you should raise the depth a bit and follow steps 2 till 4 again.

When you are using this method for fishing, you need to keep something important in mind. Not all fishes are swimming in the same depth. Bigger sizes of fish stay higher in the water. If you are catching smaller sized fish, try to fish in different depths to catch the bigger fishes. 

Big bass, for example, is only mixed with little bass in the spring. In the other seasons, they are swimming at a higher depth than the smaller bass fishes do. 

Watercolor seems to have a huge impact on how deep bass fish will hold, especially if the water is shallow. The shallower the water, the higher the fish will swim. 


Fish just to love hemp!!!

If you use the tips provided above your chances for a good bite will improve!

Hemp is a great product that you can use for many things, and it turns out that if your hobby is fishing, you should definitely give hemp seeds a try!

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