Hemp for The Elderly, Will it Help Them?

It’s estimated that there are today 617 Million senior citizens worldwide (meaning age 65+). As more states legalize cannabis use, the question is if hemp could help our senior friends improving their quality of life?

Is hemp safe for the elderly?

The short answer is; It depends… Many seniors (almost 90%) are taking at least 1 prescription pill per day for pain management and other problems they are having.

While hemp oil helps in improving health, one of the effects could be that when using CBD it could lower the effect of the medicines that the older adults are taking.

I wrote a separate article about CBD and the side effects of CBD. You can find the article here.

Besides making sure your current medicines are not affected by CBD, you also need to make sure you buy CBD from a company that does third provides third-party test results.

There are a lot of company’s around the globe that sells fake CBD, and that is something you don’t want to buy. Always buy hemp products from a company that is well known as cbdMD. Their products are of high quality and safe to use.

So, is CBD safe to use for elderly people? If the elderly don’t take medications then there is no problem, if the elderly take other medication it’s recommended to discuss with a doctor first before taking CBD oil or other CBD products.

Can the elderly take CBD safely?

Yes, if the elderly don’t take any other medicines or if the doctor approved, it’s safe for them to take CBD oil or any other CBD product.

You can buy CBD in different forms like oil, cream, gummy’s, and much more. See this website for high-quality CBD products available.

Why the elderly should take CBD

CBD help with lots of different things, I will list some benefits of CBD:

Pain Relief:

It’s already known for a long time that CBD helps in pain management and relief to the same extent as normal prescription does, or even better. CBD can help in decreasing arthritis and chronic pain.

Bone Health:

CBD helps in healing fractures and supports healthier bones. Therefore, it’s helpful for seniors with multiple sclerosis.

Insomnia and other sleep problems:

CBD can help in the extension of the deep sleep phase and the reduction of the lighter sleeping phases.


According to different studies medical marijuana, and in extension CBD, can help to treat Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

CBD contributes to the elimination of a toxic protein related to this disease. This is triggered by a reducing inflammation of the brain and the regeneration of damaged cells.

How long does it take for CBD to work for joint pain?

There are a few things to consider that could have an influence on the time when CBD starts to work.

Low concentration takes longer to work than high concentration CBD. Also, the way how you ingesting it makes a difference in how long it takes for CBD to work. Do you use CBD oil? Or CBD cream?

All these things make a difference in how long it takes for CBD to work.

When mixing CBD oil in food it takes around 45-60 minutes before you start to feel the effect. You could also use CBD capsules. This takes around 20-35 minutes before you start to feel the effect.

If you want to read in-depth how long it takes for CBD to have an effect, read this article. It will bring you to the page where I wrote in-detail how long it takes before you feel the effects of the different CBD products and the health conditions you want to treat.

What are the side effects of CBD?

There are few side effects, you only need to be careful when taking other medicines. It could lower the effect of those medicines. Besides that, the effects could be:

  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in weight

Most of these effects are caused because the dose is too high, just lower the dose and it should disappear by itself.

Is CBD covered by Medicare or any other health insurance?

Good quality CBD is expensive, the problem is that because CBD is so expensive, many people are buying the cheaper lower quality CBD products.

Most of them aren’t so effective because there is not enough or no CBD at all in those kinds of cheaper products.

It would be great if there are any health insurance covering the costs of good quality CBD.

The problem is that there is only one CBD cure that is officially approved by the FDA for treating epilepsy. Because the FDA didn’t approve CBD as an official drug for treatment, health insurance companies are not obligated to cover them.

According to state laws, these agencies are only required to provide coverage for drugs that are FDA approved.

The other problem is that CBD oil is classified as a “Schedule 1 controlled substance”. This classification typically applies to marijuana, but laws in the U.S. state that any product containing the cannabidiol compounds found in marijuana must also fall under the classification. 

Unfortunately, for the moment, there are no health insurance companies that are covering the costs for a CBD treatment. A lot of things need to change before this will happen.


Giving CBD to the elderly is a good idea, it could help them greatly in improving their quality of life as it works pain-reducing and lowers the blood pressure.

Also, there are not many side effects like normal medicines. Besides that, lots of medicines are causing damage to the organs, with CBD products you don’t have to worry about that.

The only thing to take into consideration is to consult a doctor before use or giving it to elderly people.

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