How Cannabis Oil For Epilepsy Helps Controlling Seizures

Did you know that 50 million people around the globe have epilepsy?

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurologic diseases worldwide. If properly diagnosed, around 70% of those people worldwide could have a seizure-free life. 

The good news is that the Food and Drug Administration has approved a new medicine in the year 2018; Epidiolex, cannabis oil. This oil helps in controlling seizures and improving the quality of life of those who suffer from epilepsy.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is also named seizure disorder. Suddenly there is a surge of electrical activity in the brain.

Lots of things can occur during an epileptic attack like losing consciousness, forgetting things, you may even have tremors (heavy shaking moments), or even passing out for a short period.

Before a seizure happens, there could be warning signs like feeling strange, scary, negative. Some patients even experience an out of body experience before the seizure.

How does epilepsy influence daily life?

Patients that have to deal with epilepsy could feel terrified and insecure. The seizure can occur on every moment in the day or night.

Not only the patients themselves are scared, but also the people close around them could get very nervous if for example the person doesn’t pick up the phone or doesn’t arrive home after he or she left work at the time they normally should arrive.

Patients are not allowed to drive a car for at least one year after the last seizure.

Epilepsy has a great impact on the life of the people who suffer from it and the people close around that person. Luckily there is a treatment, more treatments, to be honest, that can help a person overcome epilepsy or controlling it.

What medicines are used to treat epilepsy?

There are many anti-epileptic drugs available on the market that help with controlling seizures. The most common are:

  • sodium valproate 
  • carbamazepine 
  • lamotrigine 
  • levetiracetam 
  • oxcarbazepine 
  • ethosuximide 
  • topiramate

The drug that is best for you depends on your age, type of seizures, and many more things.

Since 2018 there is a new medicine called Epidiolex, Epidiolex is cannabis oil for epilepsy (cannabidiol oral solution) that is recently approved by the FDA for treating seizures.

How CBD oil helps in reducing seizures

Clinical trials have shown that CBD oil help with reducing some types of seizures. CBD oil showed especially for patients that suffer from Dravet and Lennox Gastaut syndromes a severe reduction in seizures over a period of a month. 

There were multiple clinical trials where they gave pure CBD to children and young people with these syndromes, and those people showed a much greater reduction in seizures compared to the people that took placebos in the same period. 

Based on these results, we can conclude that cannabis oil for epilepsy helps in reducing some types of seizures and helps to improve the health of the patient and the quality of their life.

Even with the little research that is done, the marijuana plant shows a lot of potential for helping patients around the globe to control their seizures, but also in many other ways. 

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What is CBD oil?

CBD oil (cannabis oil) is a substance extracted from the marijuana plant. The marijuana plant contains hundreds of different terpene and cannabinoid metabolites.

Most of them are not even identified yet. The most known ones are CBD and THC. THC is the main psychoactive compound that gives you the “high” feeling. CBD oil should not contain over 0.3% THC, so it will not give you the “high” feeling. 

What kind of CBD oil helps with reducing seizures?

CBD comes in three different forms. There is a full spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate available on the market. For controlling seizures, full-spectrum CBD oil is recommended.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain all the cannabinoids that naturally appear in the cannabis plant. This spectrum gives the best effect and is highly recommended if you want to give CBD a try to control the seizures.

What are the side effects of using cannabis oil?

CBD is a natural product and there could be a few side effects. When you take too much cannabis oil, you could feel:

  • Dryness of mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness or feeling light in the head
  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Change in appetite

If you feel any of these side effects then most likely, the dose is too high. The solution is to lower the dosage and the side effects should go away quickly.

Will cannabis oil be covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately, Epidiolex is not covered by most insurances in the U.S. Even though the FDA approved Epidiolex as an official medical treatment for Lennox Gastaut and Dravet syndrome. The company Epidiolex themselves are offering insurance that covers a part of the costs, for more information or contact information you can visit their website by clicking the link:

Final word

Epilepsy is very difficult for the patient and the people around them. Luckily there are ways to control the seizures, with one of the newest drugs called cannabis oil. This oil shows many positive signs and is already approved by the FDA.

One advice I would want to give you is to always talk with your doctor before trying CBD oil.

Your doctor should be able to provide you with all the information necessary for you.

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