Turn Your Hemp Farm Into A High Performing Machine Using A.I

The hemp industry is an enormous and fast-expanding industry since the legalization in 2018 for growing industrial hemp. Loads of farmers try to claim their piece of the pie. Besides the hemp industry also artificial intelligence begins to play a gigantic part in our society. 

This made me wonder… How can artificial intelligence be helpful within the hemp industry? 

I did research to find an answer to that question. Keep on reading if you wish to find out what I discovered and why I believe you should implement AI.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) hemp farmers will know exactly what the conditions are of their hemp plants, soil moisture, humidity, temperature, and much extra important data you need to know to have a successful harvest season. 

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Basically, AI performs tasks in an automated way. AI can perform a simple task like checking and tracking soil moisture, but also complicated tasks like tracking plant nutrition, growth rates, life cycles, and predictive pest outbreaks. It can even predict if rough weather is coming.

AI can help you with protecting your hemp against theft. It can measure how much CBD and THC are in your plants and all of this data can be shown on one screen.

If your hemp needs water, AI will activate the irrigation system, if the plants are heat-stressed it can automatically perform the right measurements that prevent your hemp from getting destroyed. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The hemp industry is an industry holding tight to its ancient traditions. 

The bottom line is:

The sooner you implement AI, the sooner you will gain ahead of your competition and the higher your chances are you will have a valuable growing season.

The further you automate your farm, the higher the amount of live data you will acquire. With this acquired data you can make highly accurate decisions and actions that will result in an amazing harvesting season!

What are the benefits of using AI on a hemp farm?

It’s a fact that growing hemp is not that easy. Luckily, there is AI, AI will make growing hemp easier and will greatly improve your chances of a valuable harvest and a satisfying profit. 

Consider this:

You can have live data that predicts the exact density of your hemp plant by analyzing specific data, giving the significant advantage of forecasting and preventing common issues, such as mold and fungus due to specific environmental conditions.

This advantage gives the hemp farmer a new level of control that large numbers of other farmers don’t have (for the moment). 

Besides monitoring the condition of your plants, AI also can monitor the sex of the plant, which is extremely helpful to remove the male plants on time if needed.

How does AI help my farm?

When using AI, farmers are able to analyze loads of information in real-time such as temperature, weather conditions, soil conditions, water usage, pH levels, etc.


AI systems can also help in precision farming. This means it helps in detecting diseases in the hemp plants, pests, and poor plant nutrition on your farm.

Furthermore, AI can help farmers to set up weather models that predict upcoming weather patterns months ahead that will help you prepare your harvest plan months ahead.

How would AI be able to watch my soil?

Typically, to test your soil and water type you would collect a sample of your soil and water and bring it to a testing facility for environmental and other chemical analyses. This is time-consuming and also quite expensive. 


What if I tell you there is another way? What if I tell you that IBM research in Brazil announced the Agro IoT (Internet of Things) prototype? Probably with only reading the name you have no idea what it is, neither did I when I first heard of it.

Pay attention, this is getting quite exciting. It turns out IBM is creating a technology that is able to test your soil and water directly on the spot showing you direct results. You can observe instantly the condition of your soil and water without ever leaving your farm! How amazing is that?

Check out this video is you wish to find out further information about this new upcoming technology.

How does it work?

Basically, you collect a sample of your water or ground. After collecting the sample you put a little drop on a card, turn the card over and scan it with the Agro app from your smartphone. You are directly able to observe the results of the condition of your soil and water. 

The app sends a recommendation to the farmer for fertilizer adjustments that will help optimize the crop’s growth.

You can even upload this results in the cloud with location stamps so that you can monitor the health of your soil and water over a period of time. 

How can AI watch over my hemp plants?

Companies like Deep Green and Motorleaf are making it possible to track the growth rate, pest diagnoses and nutrient deficiencies of your hemp plants. 

Companies like Deep Green and Motorleaf are developing grow platforms that are combining high-resolution sensors, plant tracking technology, and automation systems that gives the farmer so much valuable information about the hemp plants so that farmer knows exactly what is going on with his hemp.

How will AI impact labor work?

In the last decade, it’s becoming harder to find the right workers for your field. Fewer and fewer people are following an agricultural education so automatically this transforms in less qualified workers for your field. Luckily AI can help.

The company Oxbo build a prototype that could strip the crop of the stalk up to 40 acres per day with only two workers. Harvesting hemp crops in the traditional way could require a dozen workers a full day to harvest six acres. 

It gets even better because:

You can harvest up to 40 acres per day with only two workers, unfortunately, the machine is not available on the market for now, but that could quickly change in the future. 

Will AI  be able to prevent theft of my hemp plants?

Theft of hemp plants is becoming an increasing issue for hemp farmers. With increasing numbers of theft farmers are looking for a solution to prevent theft.

Luckily, there is a startup called “Sunflower”. This company is developing a motion-activated drone security system. This system could be extremely helpful in protecting your hemp plants.

How it works

Around your property you need to install the so-called — “Sunflowers” — These Sunflowers detects motion on your property, they can even detect the difference between a dog or a human. 

When the Sunflowers detect motion it sends an alert to the computer of your drone’s base station called “The Hive”. The computer processes these signals and will decide if the signals are nothing to worry about or that the signal needs to be checked more carefully. 

When the base station computer decides that the signal needs to be checked it sends an alert to your phone. 

From there you can decide to deploy a drone to the location from where the signal came from. Once you gave the signal from your phone to the drone, the drone will automatically take off and fly to the destination from where the signal came from. 

The drone has a live camera so you can follow the whole event live from your phone. 

Sunflowers are claiming that the system could reach the market in 2020 and that the costs for six camera-systems can cost up to $300 per month. 

Follow Sunflower so you will not miss the announcement when Sunflower is bringing its security system to the market.


The hemp industry and AI technology are both young industries that are developing at a rapid pace. It’s already mind-blowing to look at what is coming and I honestly wonder what the future will bring!

The bottom line is:

One element is definitely sure, AI will bring much value for the hemp industry and the farmers involved in this industry.

If you are interested in what the future will bring for the hemp industry and how it will help you in growing hemp profitable, then keep on following this blog!

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